I'm willing to offer a forever home

You i have no about what next. Please let me adopt you

daddy is so thoughtful ♥
Daddy is always so generous to you. It’s why he has your undying loyalty and service. 

A DarkHearted Fantasy:

A Daughter's Sex Education

We have been giving our college bound daughter as much carnal knowledge as we can fit into a short summer break . . . she has done well and is still eager to learn . . . except for tonight's lesson about bondage and discipline . . . 

Babygirl is not enjoying her BD experience . . . we tied her arms behind her back as she knelt on the dining room floor . . . ran the pole thru' the chairs and behind her back . . . then the complaining began . . . "mom do we really need to do this? it's not comfortable! can I get up?" . . . that's when daddy put the gag in his babygirl's mouth . . . 

I told her "Bondage and Discipline are much too important to learn . . . this will help you in most aspects of adult life . . . if you can master this, you can master anything . . . now bear down and concentrate on the task at hand" . . . 

Then we bound her legs to the chair legs with legs spread . . . this was meant as a soft form of humiliation . . . I'm betting on our babygirl's triumph over the uncomfortable and humiliating position we left her in as we went about our nightly duties . . . we checked in on her frequently, she was not in any danger . . . those chairs would be easy to move if she wanted out bad enough . . . 

Later that night we released our babygirl from her bondage . . . we discussed lessons learned . . . how they will help her succeed where others fail . . . we pointed out that a submissive lifestyle can be very rewarding and freeing . . . she was also reminded that it was up to her what knowledge she wanted to pursue and which she preferred to let go . . . we would not pressure her or try to convince her otherwise . . . 

A good girl proudly shows what she is
Made pretty then made useful

A perfectly conditioned slut. This is the result of practice and correction.

Made pretty then made useful

A perfectly conditioned slut. This is the result of practice and correction.

Maybe you should of listened when your parents told you not to accept lifts from strangers.

Oh well slut, I'll enjoy pounding your tight pussy until I'm ready to let you go.

The more twisted the better!  Come on.... abuse me, use my holes
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